Studio Time:

6 Week Studio/Material/Kiln Fee: $100

  • This includes 20 hours of studio time during a six-week period
  • One studio shelf and/or storage locker
  • One bag of clay
  • Use of glazes

Studio Time Only: $5/hour

  • Clay, glaze, kiln, or shelf/locker space NOT included


Studio Hours are 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday

during hours when no classes are scheduled.

Artists are responsible for scheduling around class times.

Please contact The Arts Center at 672-7311 before coming.

Artists wishing to use the clay studio agree to the following rules:

  • Payment should be made in advance
  • Wedge red clay on red wedge board, white clay on white board
  • Return all tools and materials to where they are stored
  • Label your materials and store them in a locker/shelf marked with your name
  • At the end of 6 weeks, any materials left behind will become property of The Arts Center
  • Items to be fired should be placed on the appropriate shelves in the kiln area
  • The kiln is to be loaded/unloaded and operated by designated Arts Center personnel ONLY
  • Please clean up any mess
  • Try to leave no trace (footprints, handprints, clay spatters) beyond the clay area
  • Work only within the Clay Studio

Kiln Firing Fees:               

Full Kiln Load – $30

Half Kiln Load – $15

Clay Fees: 

25lb. Bag of Clay – $18


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