During an art session in July, Dogwood Village Health & Rehab residents use acrylic paint in fanciful ways to decorate wooden cats made by the OCHS Future Farmers of America.

The first public concert held by the Orange Senior Folk Chorus (OSFC) which consists of members from the Orange Senior Center, led by musician Alex Caton. The concert was performed for the seniors at Dogwood Village Health & Rehab, with a meet and greet visit with the audience afterwards:

A Franz Kline Study with seniors from The Village at Gordon House:

Dogwood Village Senior Living “Art Adventures” Annual Exhibit September 12th —Opening Reception:

Alex Caton and Phil Audibert, together again, at Dogwood Village Senior Living.

Alex Caton and the Orange Senior Folk Chorus (OSFC) at Orange Senior Center: Tuning up exercises.

Musician Eve Watters playing the Celtic harp for Dogwood Village Senior Living residents during her VCA Performance Touring session.

Dogwood Village Senior Living Residents and Joseph Moore

Discussions and studies were shared between residents from Dogwood Village Senior Living and Joseph Moore during a Morin Gallery tour.


After a Morin Gallery tour, Joseph Moore holds a follow-up watercolor session in the studio classroom with residents from Dogwood Village Senior Living.

Artwork and old friends gathered at the 2018 Art Adventures exhibit, which is held every autumn, and displays the art work created by these devoted and talented seniors throughout the year.

Surrounded by all of the artwork created during Outreach sessions throughout this past year, Elizabeth, a member of the MadisonSenior Center, RRCS, proudly shows off the ribbons she earned during the 2018 Madison County Fair.


Dogwood Village – Senior Living, and with seniors at Orange Senior Center, RRCS:

Musician and international performer Alex Caton shares the many dimensions of music with seniors, Alex and seniors from Orange Senior Center are working diligently getting the groundwork down pat for the Orange Senior Folk Chorus, which Alex developed and implemented this past spring 2018.


Photographer and videographer Phil Audibert shares his insights on Orange County and the Civil War during Veterans Day celebrations at Dogwood Village – Senior Living.


Frank Walker shares his lawyering tales with both the county residents of Orange and Madison and the seniors from DVSL in the Community Room at Dogwood Village of OC -Senior Living.


Seniors from The Village at Gordon House display their finished black and white cut out studies during one of the  monthly held Outreach art sessions.


Laura, a Madison Senior Center member and Blue Ribbon winner in the Madison County Fair 2017.


Dogwood Village of Orange County:

Senior Living seniors enjoy the annual art exhibit, Art Adventures, held every autumn, displaying the past year’s work. Outreach holds art sessions for this group of devoted DVSL seniors on a twice a month basis.

Orange Senior Center, RRCS:

Created faux succulents out of pinecones during one of the monthly art sessions held by Outreach.

Belleview Apartment seniors join in the fish painting activities for The Arts Center 2017 Fishbowl Celebration:

The OCHS FFA program expressly crafted nearly 300 of the several wooden fish designs, to then be selected from and painted by  each and every person that Outreach serves, which were then displayed in the studio space at The Arts Center throughout the summer.



Students from Orange Elementary School partner with seniors from the Orange Senior Center RRCS:

Worked together painting silk sun catchers on a spring morning at the OSCenter site.


Celtic harpist Eve Watters plays at The Village at Gordon House, Dogwood Village Health & Rehab and Senior Living, and OC Free Clinic:

Through both the VCA Presenter Touring Program and the AC Community Outreach Program, Eve Watters shared her stories and harp playing with over 100 county residents throughout the late winter and early spring months of this year, 2016. Her harp playing is exquisite, her presence warm and friendly, and her interactions, in all senses, provide all those who attended her performances with a relaxing and memorable time. Pictured below are photos from the event held at Dogwood Village Senior Living, in their lovely Healing Garden.




Poetry Sessions at Dogwood Village Senior Living:

Writer and poet Hilary Holladay held two poetry sessions at DVSL during the month of April, National Poetry Month. Within those sessions Hilary and the residents studied several examples of poetry. Exercises to help attain creative flow ensued, followed by each resident working on and completing their own poems.




Fig Leaf Rubbings in Oil Pastel:

Residents from The Village at Gordon House spent a relaxing morning celebrating the beauty that the fall season brings. Using soft, rich oil pastels and melding the colors by employing a layering technique, the residents created these beautiful pieces.

Gordon House Leaves in Oil Pastel


Opening Reception for the Art Adventures Exhibit at Dogwood Village of OC – Senior Living

A packed crowd of family, friends and fellow residents joined the Art Adventure artists at the opening reception on September 17th, to view the exhibit showcasing the past year’s work that the Community Outreach Program art sessions produce. Held twice a month, at Dogwood Village -Senior Living, these talented residents explored many different mediums, from painting explorations to papier mache, and more.

Dogwood SL Art Adventures 2015 Collage


Art Adventures Annual Exhibit September 17- 20, 2015

Dogwood Art Adventure 2015


Ink Pen & Colored Pencil Exploration with Dogwood Village – Senior Living  Art Adventure Artists:

After studying lovely and delicate hand-cut, paper florals from China the Art Adventure artists first penciled out their renditions of a chosen piece or two upon mat board. They then committed their design in ink pen,  and then blended colored pencil in comely fashions to bring life to their floral designs.

Art Adventure members meet twice monthly at Dogwood Village – Senior Living for these Outreach art sessions. The yearly exhibit held each September showcases the work these diligent artists explore throughout each year.

DV 2015 pen and Colored Pencil Alyson


Black History Month – A Music and Watercolor Exploration, with Dogwood Village Of Orange County – Senior Living:

After listening to several piano renditions of certain Louis Armstrong compositions, and Gershwin’s “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess, seniors from Dogwood Village worked in watercolor, creating different versions of musical instruments in cool blue and black hues.

DV Black History Month Gershwin Armstrong H .OsawasTanner sturdy inTempera


“Operation Firefly” Author Liane Young and a Fireside Reading on Veterans Day at Dogwood Village – Senior Living:

Liane Young’s reading of the inspirational true story about the first African-American United States World War II Parachute Squadron, the 555th – coined the Triple Nickels – and their part in defusing incendiary bombs sent across the Pacific into the US coastal and northwestern states, was a wonderful way to honor the veterans of our fine country. Young is a local author, and Outreach was pleased to share her novel – a little known story – with the seniors at DV, some of them veterans themselves! Her expertise concerning these brave WW II veterans was very interesting. Thank you, Liane Young!



Art Adventures Annual Art Exhibit

Outreach meets with a group of residents at Dogwood Village ~ Senior Living twice monthly. The group sessions have been donned  Art Adventures, and the artists explore many forms of fine art, from ceramics to painting, with the past year’s work exhibited every September, at Dogwood, during National Assisted Living week. Here is a glimpse of just a few of the projects,  and two of the artists, in the midst of a wonderful representation of the artists and each of their artistic endeavors.

DV 2014 Pen & Ink & Clay with Glass Collage

DV 2014 Betty BW Rabbit

DV 2014 Ceramic Pumpkins

DV 2014 Fred

DV 2014 Renate & Alyson Collage


Alex Caton, Dick Harrington  and Brad Saylor  –                                                                                                                                Real, Live Square Dancing at Orange Senior Center!

A fiddler, guitarist, and professional square dance caller, and a group of energetic, fun-loving seniors have good old-fashioned fun kicking up their heels at Orange Senior Center. Whether it was partaking in the actual dancing, singing along, or keeping time with clapping, everyone joined in! Time flew and hearts soared!



Ken Farmer Tales from the Road

Antique specialist, Ken Farmer, of Quinn & Farmer Antiques, and frequent guest on the wonderful Antique Roadshow series, spent an afternoon with residents at Dogwood Village of OC ~ Senior Living. Mr. Farmer’s expertise and antique know-how, paired with his humorous and fascinating anecdotes regarding collectible “stuff”, was well received and whole-heartedly enjoyed by a packed audience.

DV August 2014 Ken Farmer Tales from the Road


Book Reading with Sarah Collins Honenberger

Local author, Sarah Collins Honenberger, visited Dogwood Village – Senior Living and gave a wonderful talk about how she segued from practicing law to writing short fiction and four published novels. After reading a passage from her newest book, Minding Henry Lewis, Ms. Honenberger held a lively Q &A session, with residents asking questions regarding the subject and sublties of  her new novel, and her other published pieces, as well. Her refreshingly open,  down-to-earth and humorous personality engaged the residents as she recounted stories and situations that prompt her to get it all down on paper. The hour ended too quickly!

Sarah Collins Honenberger DVSL 2014


Hawaiian Style at Dogwood Village – Health and Rehab

Among the many fun explorations of Hawaii, during National Nursing Home Week, taking a moment to create a stylized sea turtle and plumeria flower design was a relaxing respite. The wonderful decorations that the staff at Dogwood set up created a lovely mood to match the project, with the residents exploring Hawaii’s beauty through vibrant colored pencils on tinted cardstock.

DVHR MSC Hawaii 2014


Frank Walker Presentation at Dogwood Village – Senior Living

Celebrated author and historian, Frank Walker, spoke at Dogwood Village SL, about the rich history of Orange County. Delivered as a lecture and power point, peppered with wry humor, Mr. Walker filled the Community Room at Dogwood with an afternoon of education, fun and camaraderie.



Arts Fusion, from the Alzheimer’s Association – Central and Western Virginia Chapter, visits The Arts Center

After a group viewing of the exhibit in the Morin Gallery at the AC, artist and trained specialist, Kathy, works with seniors,and staff, from Dogwood Village of Orange County – Senior Living, in the studio classroom – guiding them through the creative processes of personal expression.

elis 14 1


Dogwood Village Health & Rehab Seniors Celebrate Autumn

There is something about a pumpkin, and watercolor was the way to go!

DV HR Pumpkin in WC 2014


Art Adventures Annual Art Exhibit 2013

Dogwood Bird Print 2013 Show

Dogwood 2013 Joel

Dogwood 2013 Wanda

This celebrated, looked-for annual art exhibit, held at Dogwood Village of Orange County Senior Living, showcases the past year’s artwork that is created during the art sessions held twice a month at DVSL.  Art Adventures is the name of this talented group of seniors who gather with Outreach at Dogwood to create many wonderful works of art.  The exhibit runs from September 12th – 16th, with an opening reception on Thursday, September 12th from 3:30-5:00PM.

Madison  Senior Center at the Madison County Fair




The Madison County Fair was held in July’s most sweltering heat, but it wasn’t just the weather that was hot! The talented seniors from Madison Senior Center, a program through Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services, swept the Senior Division, winning a plethora of ribbons! One creative senior not only won a Blue Ribbon, she also won Best in Show for her wonderful clay piece. The works of art entered in the fair were created during this past year’s Outreach art visits, which are held monthly at Madison Senior Center – and reveal this group of seniors’ creativity and style!


Green Pear of Summer

 Clay Pear GH

The Village at Gordon House, an assisted living and nursing facility, worked with clay during the last weeks of late spring. Thoughts of  the summer ahead and its bounty inspired one resident to create this beautiful pear.


Alex Caton Performs for the Orange Senior Center

Alex OSC 413 4

Alex OSC 4 13 1

Alex OSC 4 13 3

Music is a feather in the cap of the Outreach Program. With performances reaching many area organizations, musicians are always eagerly anticipated by people from all walks of life.

Alex Caton – fiddler, guitarist and singer extraordinaire – made a visit this April to the Orange Senior Center. When Alex is performing, the seniors aren’t simply a terrifically entertained audience – they are eager participants, with many a request for old favorites. And Alex can fill them all!


Spring Training: The Art of Baseball

AF March 13 1

The Arts Fusion Early Stage Program,  through the Alzheimer’s Association – Western & Central Virginia Chapter, is a superior early stage Alzheimer’s support program that makes monthly visits to the Morin Gallery at The Arts Center in Orange.

After viewing and discussing the pieces in the Spring Training exhibit, seniors from both Dogwood Village of Orange County Senior Living and Amerisist enjoyed working afterwards in the studio, with the Arts Fusion specialist, on a follow-up art activity that pertained to the traditions of baseball.

Please scroll down for Arts Fusion contact information.


Art Adventures in Papier Mache

Dogwood SL Papier Mache March 2013 005 Dogwood SL Papier Mache March 2013 012

Creating papier mache pieces for their upcoming show in September,  Art Adventure seniors from Dogwood Village of  Orange County Senior Living work hard perfecting their technique during the early stages of this three step process.


Winter Art Sessions in Blue on White

GH 3 2013 ETHELGH Jan 2013

Winter weather brought out the blue watercolor for residents of Belleview Senior Apartments and seniors from The Village at Gordon House. To while away the time, exploring many different painting techniques, and interpreting the world around us using only the color blue, was a relaxing pleasure.

Orange Senior Center visits Morin Gallery 

A visit to the Morin Gallery, here at The Arts Center, to view the  Spirit & Soul exhibit, was part of the day’s plan for members from Orange County Senior Center. After viewing the exhibit, and garnering inspiration from the paintings, the seniors worked in the classroom studio on clay medallions, drawing upon nature to create intricate works of art to honor both the spirit and the soul.


Art Adventures Autumn Exhibit

The annual Art Adventures exhibit was a great success! With work that represented this past year’s projects, the Main Lobby at Dogwood Village of OC Senior Living was transformed into a gallery. Quite a few of the pieces displayed ribbons – proudly stating  Best in Show and more !- that were garnered at this past summer’s County Fair. Many good times were had at the opening -by the artists themselves and visitors alike – as they viewed the exhibit, or relaxed with refreshments in the Healing Garden.


From the Alzheimer’s Association

A group from The Village at Gordon House made a visit to The Arts Center’s Morin Gallery  to view the VA H2O exhibit with the Alzheimer’s Association Arts Fusion Program. Future visits, by Gordon House and others are being planned! Contact information is provided above.


Oil Pastel Exploration at The Village at Gordon House

 During  a recent  art visit, which Outreach makes at  The Village at Gordon House on a monthly basis, these talented seniors explored a form of drawing . Using rich and vibrantly hued oil pastels on black  pebbly-textured paper – along with various imagery from magazines acting as inspiration – each artist  interpreted nature at its finest.


Dogwood Village of Orange Senior Living Art Adventures through Outreach and the Future Farmers of America  from Orange County High School 


Beautiful wooden cache boxes,  created by members of Orange County High School’s Future Farmer’s of America – with the residents of Dogwood Village of Orange County Senior Living expressly in mind –  were painted and decorated during  Outreach Art Adventure classes. These classes are held twice monthly at Dogwood Village SL, and have been a mainstay of the Outreach program since 2002.


Father’s Day tiles created by Orange Elementary School First Graders:

As a yearly tradition, Outreach visits Orange Elementary School and works with each of its first grade students on a tile project. This year’s project was a piece for Father’s Day. The students used various colored glazes to create their own seascape. The tiles were then fired at the Arts Center, and returned to each student in time to give as a gift!


Outreach at Lightfoot Elementary School: Printmaking was just one of the art mediums that Outreach introduced to students from Lightfoot Elementary School during their After School Enrichment Program.


Masks by Dogwood Village Senior Living at the General Assembly Building in Richmond:

Up Close View
Up Close View

 The Art Adventure group from Dogwood Village of Orange County Senior Living is once again a part of the annual art exhibit that is now hanging at the General Assembly Building, in Richmond, for the 2012 regular session. This year’s entries are papier mache masks, which the seniors at Dogwood Village SL tackled with their usual creative zeal! From start from finish, each artist designed their own unique and splendid piece.

Dogwood Village of OC – Senior Living Annual Exhibit:

Dogwood Village of OC – Senior Living Annual Exhibit

The art was fantastic, the ambiance and food wonderful, and the artists were in high form. Family, friends and community members gathered to view the past year’s work, to celebrate with the seniors that comprise the Art Adventures group, founded way back in 2001 by Linda Marston-Reid and June Dunaway.


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