In the Morin Gallery

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In the Heart of the Wood

WOOD CARVINGS BY KATHY OVERCASH  Since 2006, award-winning carver and instructor Kathy Overcash has been coaxing whimsical houses, characters, and wood spirits from the natural beauty of weathered cottonwood bark, while sharing her love of the ancient craft with students at her Orange County studio. With tiny stairs, cross-hatched windows, and shingled roofs, her miniature homes grow out of the rough cottonwood bark as if they had always existed there, and a sense of humor and eye for detail are apparent in her incredibly lifelike figural carvings. See and learn more at

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT LLEWELLYN  Robert Llewellyn has been a professional photographer for over 40 years. His detailed images of trees, buds, flowers, and leaves have been featured in major art exhibits and in more than 30 books, winning him five national awards in nonfiction and photography. While working on the book “Remarkable Trees of Virginia” (2008), a collaboration with garden writer Nancy Ross Hugo, Llewellyn began to more fully understand the complexity of tree life.  In 2011, working again with Hugo to produce “Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees,” Llewellyn combined his knowledge of engineering and contemporary technology, and found a way to circumvent the limitations of the human eye and traditional macro photography to produce images of stunning, hyper-real clarity, to reveal an unexpected and alien beauty that can be discovered in the minute detail of trees. His entire body of work is infused with an enduring inquisitiveness about the way plants work and an accompanying sense of wonder. See and learn more at

Exhibit dates: October 4–November 30, 2018
Opening reception: 5–7pm on Thursday, October 4

In the Morin Gallery at The Arts Center In Orange, 129 East Main Street, Orange, VA, Hours: 10–5, Mon–Sat.


This exhibit is funded by The Virginia Commission for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and PEOPLE LIKE YOU!



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