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Corrugated Cardboard and Template Rubbings:

After choosing pleasing backgrounds of corrugated cardboard and thick, poster board templates, the artists explored  line, color and texture by first using oil pastels to rub in the basic simple shapes. They then fine-tuned their piece with various shades and layered degrees of colored pencil applications.

Friendly Oaks Sailboat

Freindly Oaks

Boys & Girls Club Alley Cat

BGC Rubbings in Oil Pastel Jan 16 5


Thanksgiving Turkey Andy Warhol Style:

After  viewing and discussing a few of Andy Warhol’s silkscreens, and commemorative Campbell’s soup cans honoring the artist, the members from Friendly Oaks explored painting a turkey in tempera paint, with a stylized twist!

Freindly Oaks Warhol Study in Tempera


Local Published Author, Hilary Holladay, gives Book Reading and Q & A for TIPTON:

Hilary Holladay is a talented women: She is an published author – with a new novel poised and ready to be printed, a teacher, and a poet, among many other things! Sharing a reading from her novel, Tipton, followed by an in-depth question and answer session, was a moving experience for many of the reading’s attendees, as much of Holladay’s novel is set right here in nearby Rapidan.  Tipton offers insightful views concerning interpersonal relationships and the inner workings of the human heart.

Hilary Holladay Photo of Author

Hilary Holladay Cover



Solar System Painting in Tempera:

Friendly Oaks came for their monthly visit to the Art Center’s studio classroom, and rolled up their sleeves! In honor of the Autumnal Equinox, the Super Moon, and other astrological events, a study of the solar system was at hand. The world, and the surrounding galaxy that we live in, was interpreted in wonderful ways by the members from Friendly Oaks.

Friendly Oaks Solar System 1


Book Reading and Conversation with Published Author, Suzi Weinert:

It was a truly fun and well spent October afternoon sharing time with author, Suzi Weinert, during her book reading and Q & A session at Dogwood Village of OC – Senior Living. Weinert has published two novels and is working on her third for her Garage Sale Mystery Series. The Series was picked up by Hallmark and the first film, based on Weinert’s first novel, Garage Sale Stalker, was such a big hit that Hallmark developed a mystery channel due to the overwhelming interest in mysteries that the movie created!

Suzi Weinert withTureen

Suzi Weinert GarageCover



Maker Series at Orange County Public Library

The series ran from September 2nd through October 15th, with both a ceramic session and a watercolor session being held at each branch of the Orange County Library system:  The Main Library, Wilderness and Gordonsville branches. Watercolor artist, Maria Pace, and ceramicist, William Schran, shared their broad expanse of knowledge within their given fields with each person attending their sessions. It was a great success and the Outreach Program is looking forward to partnering again with the OC Library in the near future!

Snapshots from Gordonsville Branch:

Maker Series Clay Gordonsville Branch 1


Maria Pace, teaching during her Maker Series watercolor session at the Orange County Main Library:

Snapshots from Main Library:

Maker Series 2015 Maria Pace

Maker Series Main Branch Maria Pace

Maker Series: An Orange County Public Library & Community Outreach Program Partnership: Exploring Clay with William Schran

Classes held at each branch of the Orange County Public Library system are happening this fall! Watercolor artist, Maria Pace, and ceramicist, William Schran are holding introduction classes, sharing their expertise, county-wide.

Greenware from the Main Library class:

Makers Series Ceramics Greenware

Snapshots from the Wilderness class:

Maker Series Ceramics 1


Friendly Oaks Acrylic Painting:

A group from Friendly Oaks, a psycho-social day program, through Regent Ten of Charlottesville, has been visiting The Arts Center, to work with Outreach on a monthly basis, exploring many different art projects. This last piece – acrylics on 12 x 18 white paper – was done by a member during the beautiful Virginian springtime, when the wild poppies graced the fields.

Friendly Oaks Acrylic Painting 1


Orange County Office on Youth School-Aged Day Program and Fish, Fish, Fish!

With many fun and exciting activities planned for the members of the OC Office on Youth School-Aged Day Program, visits from the Outreach Program, and field trips to the Arts Center itself are included in the summer fun. After studying the anatomy of the fish, each program member rendered their own idea of a fish in its watery world. The results: Fish, fish, fish! In acrylic paint on wood.

P&R Fish collage 2014


Vision Clubhouse Members Explore Abstract Art Mixed-MediaVisions 2 2013

Visions Summer 2 2013

Working within a mixed-media project, which included printmaking, watercolor and paper collage, these pieces stand at the opposite ends of the design spectrum. One piece, though abstract,  holds simple, identifiable forms, while the other piece uses pattern upon pattern, and color upon color to form its abstract presentation. The members at Visions Clubhouse, a Psycho-Social Day Program through Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services, created these powerful pieces during an Outreach visit this summer.


Bridges Visits The Arts Center:

After viewing the Young Visions 2012 exhibit in the Morin Gallery, club members from Bridges painted sunflowers in the classroom studio at The Arts Center.


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