For more than 20 years, The Arts Center In Orange has been going strong and serving our community by providing art experiences for all ages. It is truly awesome to consider all the exhibits, classes, outreach, summer camps and events the Arts Center has been able to provide to enrich the lives of our friends and neighbors.

And while we proudly look back on our successes, it is critical we look forward to secure our future. To that end, a very generous anonymous donor recently presented us with a check for $50,000 to establish an endowment for the Arts Center, and has issued a challenge to the community to match it:

To all supporters and patrons of our beloved Arts Center,

I’m issuing a challenge. 

Behind every creation that blossoms from this outstanding arts center, from the clay studio to the gallery, from the classroom to Outreach, there is a vital, behind-the-scenes life support system.

It’s not particularly appealing. It has utilitarian names like “electricity” and “water,” “salaries” and “insurance.” But it is just as vital to the Arts Center’s survival as paint and clay are to the studios.

Every year, the Arts Center holds fundraisers to scrape together enough money to pay for this support system.  And every year, our loyal supporters bail Ed Harvey out of jail or bid on GAGA Gala objects so we can do just that. And that’s the problem; it is, just that.

Precious little is left over to pay for things like capital renovations, things that our loyal donors understandably find more appealing than a utility bill.    

Let’s establish an endowment…a steady income-producing investment fund that could help our art center’s support system survive.   With an initial goal of $250,000, wisely invested, the Arts Center could see a steady income of $1000 per month…forever.

And so here’s the challenge…$50,000 seed money for an endowment fund.

Who’s with me?


The Arts Center Board is grateful for your continuing support of our daily operations, but is asking for your help to match this $50,000 challenge and take a substantial step toward securing the Arts Center’s financial future. Please contact me to discuss ways you can contribute.  I can be reached by phone at 540-672-7311 or email theartsorange@aol.com.

Thank you for all you do to support our programs and our vision and I hope to see you at the Arts Center soon where there is always something worthwhile happening!


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