community outreach program – photos & updates


Kid Pan Alley and Orange Elementary School 4th & 5th Graders – Composing Music and Lyrics inspired by Local Artwork:

Another presenting participant through VCA’s  Presenter Touring Program, Kid Pan Alley, led by recording artist Paul Reisler and opera singer Mary Alouette, spent a packed week with over close to 200 OES 4th & 5th graders creating, recording and performing original songs. This incredible program, designed among other things to promote self-confidence, self-awareness, and teamwork, power-packed time – first at the Arts Center, where an original work of art was chosen (a different piece chosen by vote, for each of the eight classes that participated) and where the brainstorming for the song theme, beginning  words, and lyrics were hatched and honed. This was followed up and completed at OES during a couple of hard-working sessions until the songs were fine-tuned, finished, and recorded onto a DVD. Two full concerts were performed at the end of that marvelously fruitful, creative week on Friday, April 15th – with 1,000 attendees.


Celtic harpist Eve Watters plays at The Village at Gordon House, Dogwood Village Health & Rehab and Senior Living, and OC Free Clinic:

Through both the VCA Presenter Touring Program and the AC Community Outreach Program, Eve Watters shared her stories and harp playing with over 100 county residents throughout the late winter and early spring months of this year, 2016. Her harp playing is exquisite, her presence warm and friendly, and her interactions, in all senses, provide all those who attended her performances with a relaxing and memorable time. Pictured below are photos from the event held at Dogwood Village Senior Living, in their lovely Healing Garden.




Poetry Sessions at Dogwood Village Senior Living:

Writer and poet Hilary Holladay held two poetry sessions at DVSL during the month of April, National Poetry Month. Within those sessions Hilary and the residents studied several examples of poetry. Exercises to help attain creative flow ensued, followed by each resident working on and completing their own poems.




Corrugated Cardboard and Template Rubbings:

After choosing pleasing backgrounds of corrugated cardboard and thick, poster board templates, the artists explored  line, color and texture by first using oil pastels to rub in the basic simple shapes. They then fine-tuned their piece with various shades and layered degrees of colored pencil applications.

Friendly Oaks Sailboat

Freindly Oaks

Boys & Girls Club Alley Cat

BGC Rubbings in Oil Pastel Jan 16 5


Holiday Packaging set up for the Winter Season in the Town of Gordonsville:

The completed pieces – wooden boxes now outfitted for the winter celebrations – from priming to bow-trimmings, were completed by Outreach and the Boys & Girls Club just in time for the Gordonsville Town Management crew to set them up in a pleasing fashion amidst the twinkling lights and festive displays along the main thoroughfare in the town of Gordonsville.



Thanksgiving Turkey Andy Warhol Style:

After  viewing and discussing a few of Andy Warhol’s silkscreens, and commemorative Campbell’s soup cans honoring the artist, the members from Friendly Oaks explored painting a turkey in tempera paint, with a stylized twist!

Freindly Oaks Warhol Study in Tempera


Local Published Author, Hilary Holladay, gives Book Reading and Q & A for TIPTON:

Hilary Holladay is a talented women: She is an published author – with a new novel poised and ready to be printed, a teacher, and a poet, among many other things! Sharing a reading from her novel, Tipton, followed by an in-depth question and answer session, was a moving experience for many of the reading’s attendees, as much of Holladay’s novel is set right here in nearby Rapidan.  Tipton offers insightful views concerning interpersonal relationships and the inner workings of the human heart.

Hilary Holladay Photo of Author

Hilary Holladay Cover



Holiday Partnership Begins!

The Town of Gordonsville, the Boys & Girls Club of Orange, and the Outreach Program have put their creative minds together to work on a project for the upcoming season. Outreach and the Club are in the beginning stages of painting the large wooden boxes that are part of Gordonsville’s lovely winter decorations. In years past, the boxes were wrapped (many times throughout the display time, due to inclement weather!) with various wrapping papers. They will now be painted with outdoor paints – uniquely! – and then varnished to  last through whatever a winter season holds. The bare wooden boxes, rich paints and all necessary supplies have been provided by Gordonsville Township. The rest is up to Outreach and the talented Club members!

BGC 2015 Town of Gordonsville Boxes 1

BGC 2015 Town of G Group 1


Fig Leaf Rubbings in Oil Pastel:

Residents from The Village at Gordon House spent a relaxing morning celebrating the beauty that the fall season brings. Using soft, rich oil pastels and melding the colors by employing a layering technique, the residents created these beautiful pieces.

Gordon House Leaves in Oil Pastel


Solar System Painting in Tempera:

Friendly Oaks came for their monthly visit to the Art Center’s studio classroom, and rolled up their sleeves! In honor of the Autumnal Equinox, the Super Moon, and other astrological events, a study of the solar system was at hand. The world, and the surrounding galaxy that we live in, was interpreted in wonderful ways by the members from Friendly Oaks.

Friendly Oaks Solar System 1


Book Reading and Conversation with Published Author, Suzi Weinert:

It was a truly fun and well spent October afternoon sharing time with author, Suzi Weinert, during her book reading and Q & A session at Dogwood Village of OC – Senior Living. Weinert has published two novels and is working on her third for her Garage Sale Mystery Series. The Series was picked up by Hallmark and the first film, based on Weinert’s first novel, Garage Sale Stalker, was such a big hit that Hallmark developed a mystery channel due to the overwhelming interest in mysteries that the movie created!

Suzi Weinert withTureen

Suzi Weinert GarageCover



Maker Series at Orange County Public Library

The series ran from September 2nd through October 15th, with both a ceramic session and a watercolor session being held at each branch of the Orange County Library system:  The Main Library, Wilderness and Gordonsville branches. Watercolor artist, Maria Pace, and ceramicist, William Schran, shared their broad expanse of knowledge within their given fields with each person attending their sessions. It was a great success and the Outreach Program is looking forward to partnering again with the OC Library in the near future!

Snapshots from Gordonsville Branch:

Maker Series Clay Gordonsville Branch 1


Maria Pace, teaching during her Maker Series watercolor session at the Orange County Main Library:

Snapshots from Main Library:

Maker Series 2015 Maria Pace

Maker Series Main Branch Maria Pace

Maker Series: An Orange County Public Library & Community Outreach Program Partnership: Exploring Clay with William Schran

Classes held at each branch of the Orange County Public Library system are happening this fall! Watercolor artist, Maria Pace, and ceramicist, William Schran are holding introduction classes, sharing their expertise, county-wide.

Greenware from the Main Library class:

Makers Series Ceramics Greenware

Snapshots from the Wilderness class:

Maker Series Ceramics 1


Opening Reception for the Art Adventures Exhibit at Dogwood Village of OC – Senior Living

A packed crowd of family, friends and fellow residents joined the Art Adventure artists at the opening reception on September 17th, to view the exhibit showcasing the past year’s work that the Community Outreach Program art sessions produce. Held twice a month, at Dogwood Village -Senior Living, these talented residents explored many different mediums, from painting explorations to papier mache, and more.

Dogwood SL Art Adventures 2015 Collage


Art Adventures Annual Exhibit September 17- 20, 2015

Dogwood Art Adventure 2015


Exploring the Beauty of the Rapidan River:

To compliment the Take me to the Rapidan! exhibit in the Morin Gallery at the Arts Center, members of the Boys & Girls club explored their interpretations of life on the river during  a summer session class. After first viewing the pieces hung in the gallery, the students painted their renditions using acrylic paints. Summer art sessions are held weekly at the Arts Center for the BGC, from June through August.

BGC Rapidian 2015


Juneteenth Celebration

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Members from the Boys & Girls Club of Orange joined  VCA performance group Atumpan during the celebration presented by The Arts center in Orange and The Orange County African American Historical Society. Practicing with Atumpan, after an indepth presentation held at the Club the day before the event, was an incredible and exciting learning experience.

BGC Juneteenth 2015


Ink Pen & Colored Pencil Exploration with Dogwood Village – Senior Living  Art Adventure Artists:

After studying lovely and delicate hand-cut, paper florals from China the Art Adventure artists first penciled out their renditions of a chosen piece or two upon mat board. They then committed their design in ink pen,  and then blended colored pencil in comely fashions to bring life to their floral designs.

Art Adventure members meet twice monthly at Dogwood Village – Senior Living for these Outreach art sessions. The yearly exhibit held each September showcases the work these diligent artists explore throughout each year.

DV 2015 pen and Colored Pencil Alyson


Orange Elementary School Father’s Day Sailboats:

Glazing a ceramic tile with expressive imagery has been a yearly enterprise with the entire first grade class at Orange County’s Orange Elementary School. This year’s tile depicts a sailboat, asea, be it on calm or stormy waters. After first being given a brief “how-to” – including investigating the parts of a sailboat – the first graders were then let loose, free to glaze and create their own wonderfully expressive versions of a sailboat, asea.

 OES Ceramic Tiles 2015


Young Visions Exhibit at The Arts Center displays OC Head Start and Early Head Start Self Portraits:

A yearly favorite art exploration, these watercolor and oil pastel self portraits are truly wonderful! After an indepth study of portraits done by several famous artists, such as Picasso, Chagall, Kahlo and Matisse – each child within the entire HS & EHS program created their own rendition of self, exploring both the outside self (how we look) and the internal self (how we feel). Selected pieces were up throughout the month of May 2015, during the Young Visions exhibit – an exhibit showcasing the artwork done throughout all of the school systems of Orange County.

HS Young Visions show 2015 1

HS Young Visions Show 2015 2


Friendly Oaks Acrylic Painting:

A group from Friendly Oaks, a psycho-social day program, through Regent Ten of Charlottesville, has been visiting The Arts Center, to work with Outreach on a monthly basis, exploring many different art projects. This last piece – acrylics on 12 x 18 white paper – was done by a member during the beautiful Virginian springtime, when the wild poppies graced the fields.

Friendly Oaks Acrylic Painting 1


Head Start & Early Head Start Art Exhibit 2015:

This year, not only did a fine sample of the artwork from Outreach’s monthly visits to each of the HS & EHS classrooms go on display at the Taylor Building – but an example of the diversely creative artwork done in each classroom, designed by each of the HS & EHS teachers and assitants – went on display as well. It was a show that was so well received that it will now be the template for next year’s exhibit.

Early Head Start Classroom Color & Pattern Exploration:

hs show 2015 1

Outreach Printmaking Art Exploration using Wooden Rabbits made expressly for Outreach by the OC High School Future Farmers of America:

hs show 2015 FFA Bunny

Head Start Classroom Mondrain Study:

hs show 2015 Mondrian


Black History Month – A Music and Watercolor Exploration, with Dogwood Village Of Orange County – Senior Living:

After listening to several piano renditions of certain Louis Armstrong compositions, and Gershwin’s “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess, seniors from Dogwood Village worked in watercolor, creating different versions of musical instruments in cool blue and black hues.

DV Black History Month Gershwin Armstrong H .OsawasTanner sturdy inTempera


“Operation Firefly” Author Liane Young and a Fireside Reading on Veterans Day at Dogwood Village – Senior Living:

Liane Young’s reading of the inspirational true story about the first African-American United States World War II Parachute Squadron, the 555th – coined the Triple Nickels – and their part in defusing incendiary bombs sent across the Pacific into the US coastal and northwestern states, was a wonderful way to honor the veterans of our fine country. Young is a local author, and Outreach was pleased to share her novel – a little known story – with the seniors at DV, some of them veterans themselves! Her expertise concerning these brave WW II veterans was very interesting. Thank you, Liane Young!



Boys & Girls Club and a Chiaroscuro Study:

Apples and still life’s are nothing new to the Boys & Girls Club of Orange! An intensive study of the technique known as chiaroscuro (meaning light/dark) – one of Leonardo da Vinci’s favorites – took the still life of an apple exploration to new and interesting, creative places.

BGC 2015 Chiaroscuro Apple

BGC 2015 Chiaroscuro Apple 3BGC 2015 Chiaroscuro Apple 2


Art Adventures Annual Art Exhibit

Outreach meets with a group of residents at Dogwood Village ~ Senior Living twice monthly. The group sessions have been donned  Art Adventures, and the artists explore many forms of fine art, from ceramics to painting, with the past year’s work exhibited every September, at Dogwood, during National Assisted Living week. Here is a glimpse of just a few of the projects,  and two of the artists, in the midst of a wonderful representation of the artists and each of their artistic endeavors.

DV 2014 Pen & Ink & Clay with Glass Collage

DV 2014 Betty BW Rabbit

DV 2014 Ceramic Pumpkins

DV 2014 Fred

DV 2014 Renate & Alyson Collage


Alex Caton, Dick Harrington  and Brad Saylor  –                                                                                                                                Real, Live Square Dancing at Orange Senior Center!

A fiddler, guitarist, and professional square dance caller, and a group of energetic, fun-loving seniors have good old-fashioned fun kicking up their heels at Orange Senior Center. Whether it was partaking in the actual dancing, singing along, or keeping time with clapping, everyone joined in! Time flew and hearts soared!



Ken Farmer Tales from the Road

Antique specialist, Ken Farmer, of Quinn & Farmer Antiques, and frequent guest on the wonderful Antique Roadshow series, spent an afternoon with residents at Dogwood Village of OC ~ Senior Living. Mr. Farmer’s expertise and antique know-how, paired with his humorous and fascinating anecdotes regarding collectible “stuff”, was well received and whole-heartedly enjoyed by a packed audience.

DV August 2014 Ken Farmer Tales from the Road


Orange County Office on Youth School-Aged Day Program and Fish, Fish, Fish!

With many fun and exciting activities planned for the members of the OC Office on Youth School-Aged Day Program, visits from the Outreach Program, and field trips to the Arts Center itself are included in the summer fun. After studying the anatomy of the fish, each program member rendered their own idea of a fish in its watery world. The results: Fish, fish, fish! In acrylic paint on wood.

P&R Fish collage 2014


Summer Pinwheels

With the weekly summer art sessions, held at The Arts Center, in full swing, a group of girls from the Boys & Girls Club of Orange built their own pinwheels, from scratch! First, they inked up some sturdy paper, batik-style, in vibrant, rich colors that melded together beautifully. Then they dried them, to set the ink. Lastly, with brads and jewlery tools, and some savvy pinwheel know-how, the pinwheels were put together – and put to the test. And they worked – beautifully!

BGC Pinwheels Summer 2014


Book Reading with Sarah Collins Honenberger

Local author, Sarah Collins Honenberger, visited Dogwood Village – Senior Living and gave a wonderful talk about how she segued from practicing law to writing short fiction and four published novels. After reading a passage from her newest book, Minding Henry Lewis, Ms. Honenberger held a lively Q &A session, with residents asking questions regarding the subject and sublties of  her new novel, and her other published pieces, as well. Her refreshingly open,  down-to-earth and humorous personality engaged the residents as she recounted stories and situations that prompt her to get it all down on paper. The hour ended too quickly!

Sarah Collins Honenberger DVSL 2014


Mondrian Mosaics

After viewing and discussing many famous paintings by artist Piet Mondrian, members from the Boys & Girls Club of Orange explored their own powerful versions of color and form.

BGC Mondrian Summer 2014


Hawaiian Style at Dogwood Village – Health and Rehab

Among the many fun explorations of Hawaii, during National Nursing Home Week, taking a moment to create a stylized sea turtle and plumeria flower design was a relaxing respite. The wonderful decorations that the staff at Dogwood set up created a lovely mood to match the project, with the residents exploring Hawaii’s beauty through vibrant colored pencils on tinted cardstock.

DVHR MSC Hawaii 2014


Frank Walker Presentation at Dogwood Village – Senior Living

Celebrated author and historian, Frank Walker, spoke at Dogwood Village SL, about the rich history of Orange County. Delivered as a lecture and power point, peppered with wry humor, Mr. Walker filled the Community Room at Dogwood with an afternoon of education, fun and camaraderie.



Orange Elementary School Father’s Day Ceramic Tiles

Each spring, Outreach makes a visit to the entire first grade class of OES with the objective being this: Creating a tile for a father, grandfather, or a special male role-model , to give as a gift on the upcoming Father’s Day celebration in June. A fun feat, yet, with the bonus being that so much more comes about during this project! Be it sailboat, or fish, each child creates amazing, intricate designs – and seriously ponders which color, which line or dot of glaze will evoke their own personal vision of the gift of love they wish to offer.

OES Sailboat Tiles Fathers Day 2014

Orange Elementary School Tiles Fish


Mask Exploration

Masks are always intriguing: They disguise, transform, and are found in every culture across the globe. Using lamination to enhance the already slick properties of magazine pages, these masks bear the distinction of each individual artist.  Boys & Girls Club of Orange members had fun!

BCG Spring 2014 Collage Masks Laminated


Alma Thomas Study

Members from the Boys & Girls Club of Orange work on their own versions of abstract painting after an in-depth study of  the influential American artist, Alma Thomas.

BGC Alma Thomas Study 1


Arts Fusion, from the Alzheimer’s Association – Central and Western Virginia Chapter, visits The Arts Center

After a group viewing of the exhibit in the Morin Gallery at the AC, artist and trained specialist, Kathy, works with seniors,and staff, from Dogwood Village of Orange County – Senior Living, in the studio classroom – guiding them through the creative processes of personal expression.

elis 14 1


Boys & Girls Club of Orange and Guitar Design

Music captures attention, and a guitar is often center stage – after studying the parts of a guitar, each club member worked on a vivid, life-size, electric guitar design of their very own.

BCG Guitar in Oil Pastel


Dogwood Village Health & Rehab Seniors Celebrate Autumn

There is something about a pumpkin, and watercolor was the way to go!

DV HR Pumpkin in WC 2014


Art Adventures Annual Art Exhibit 2013

Dogwood Bird Print 2013 Show

Dogwood 2013 Joel

Dogwood 2013 Wanda

This celebrated, looked-for annual art exhibit, held at Dogwood Village of Orange County Senior Living, showcases the past year’s artwork that is created during the art sessions held twice a month at DVSL.  Art Adventures is the name of this talented group of seniors who gather with Outreach at Dogwood to create many wonderful works of art.  The exhibit runs from September 12th – 16th, with an opening reception on Thursday, September 12th from 3:30-5:00PM.


Fox Still Life in Oil PastelBGC Fox Drawings 4 2013

BGC 4-Way Collage F0X2013

Using a life-size statue of a fox as inspiration, Boys & Girls Club members created wonderful, artistic interpretations of the fox.  During the last class  of the weekly summer sessions, which are hour-long classes, these pieces were rendered by using oil pastels on black paper.


Madison  Senior Center at the Madison County Fair




The Madison County Fair was held in July’s most sweltering heat, but it wasn’t just the weather that was hot! The talented seniors from Madison Senior Center, a program through Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services, swept the Senior Division, winning a plethora of ribbons! One creative senior not only won a Blue Ribbon, she also won Best in Show for her wonderful clay piece. The works of art entered in the fair were created during this past year’s Outreach art visits, which are held monthly at Madison Senior Center – and reveal this group of seniors’ creativity and style!


Summer Art Sessions with Boys & Girls Club of Orange

 BGC Self Portraits Summer 2013

 BGC PRINT Summer 2013

Weekly art sessions held at The Arts Center, during the summer months, are in full swing for Boys & Girls Club of Orange members. The last week in June found some fantastic self-portrait explorations in charcoal created by club members, with July boasting a printmaking exercise, with one student creating her own beautiful universe full of stars.


Vision Clubhouse Members Explore Abstract Art Mixed-MediaVisions 2 2013

Visions Summer 2 2013

Working within a mixed-media project, which included printmaking, watercolor and paper collage, these pieces stand at the opposite ends of the design spectrum. One piece, though abstract,  holds simple, identifiable forms, while the other piece uses pattern upon pattern, and color upon color to form its abstract presentation. The members at Visions Clubhouse, a Psycho-Social Day Program through Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services, created these powerful pieces during an Outreach visit this summer.


Green Pear of Summer

 Clay Pear GH

The Village at Gordon House, an assisted living and nursing facility, worked with clay during the last weeks of late spring. Thoughts of  the summer ahead and its bounty inspired one resident to create this beautiful pear.


Alex Caton Performs for the Orange Senior Center

Alex OSC 413 4

Alex OSC 4 13 1

Alex OSC 4 13 3

Music is a feather in the cap of the Outreach Program. With performances reaching many area organizations, musicians are always eagerly anticipated by people from all walks of life.

Alex Caton – fiddler, guitarist and singer extraordinaire – made a visit this April to the Orange Senior Center. When Alex is performing, the seniors aren’t simply a terrifically entertained audience – they are eager participants, with many a request for old favorites. And Alex can fill them all!


Spring Training: The Art of Baseball

AF March 13 1

The Arts Fusion Early Stage Program,  through the Alzheimer’s Association – Western & Central Virginia Chapter, is a superior early stage Alzheimer’s support program that makes monthly visits to the Morin Gallery at The Arts Center in Orange.

After viewing and discussing the pieces in the Spring Training exhibit, seniors from both Dogwood Village of Orange County Senior Living and Amerisist enjoyed working afterwards in the studio, with the Arts Fusion specialist, on a follow-up art activity that pertained to the traditions of baseball.

Please scroll down for Arts Fusion contact information.


Spirit Week at the Boys & Girls Club of Orange

Spirit Week BGC Spirit Week BGC 2

It was Spirit Week at the Boys & Girls Club of Orange, and words that embody the philosophy of character building were incorporated into a colorful crossword-type format. These fellows came up with an impressive piece that not only captures  the true spirit of the club, but could be used as a motto for us all!


Imprinting Designs into Clay – The Magic of Artistic Expression  

DSC_0839 DSC_0838

Working with clay is always fun – and the magic of  artistic expression couldn’t be captured better during one of the Outreach art sessions with this young, delightful artist from Orange County Head Start!


Art Adventures in Papier Mache

Dogwood SL Papier Mache March 2013 005 Dogwood SL Papier Mache March 2013 012

Creating papier mache pieces for their upcoming show in September,  Art Adventure seniors from Dogwood Village of  Orange County Senior Living work hard perfecting their technique during the early stages of this three step process.


Winter Art Sessions in Blue on White

GH 3 2013 ETHELGH Jan 2013

Winter weather brought out the blue watercolor for residents of Belleview Senior Apartments and seniors from The Village at Gordon House. To while away the time, exploring many different painting techniques, and interpreting the world around us using only the color blue, was a relaxing pleasure.

Pop Art   Turkey’s with a Twist

 Andy Warhol’s iconic Pop Art was the study of the day for both the Boys and Girls Club of Orange and for members of  Bridges, an adult mentally handicapped day program. Each group visited The Arts Center at different times during the month of November; both groups came out with fun Pop Art  pieces of their own. After viewing Campbell’s Soups commemorative labels, which marked the 50th anniversary of Warhol’s 1962 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans, each group took on Pop Art by creating their own Turkey’s with a Twist.


Orange Senior Center visits Morin Gallery 

A visit to the Morin Gallery, here at The Arts Center, to view the  Spirit & Soul exhibit, was part of the day’s plan for members from Orange County Senior Center. After viewing the exhibit, and garnering inspiration from the paintings, the seniors worked in the classroom studio on clay medallions, drawing upon nature to create intricate works of art to honor both the spirit and the soul.


Art Adventures Autumn Exhibit

The annual Art Adventures exhibit was a great success! With work that represented this past year’s projects, the Main Lobby at Dogwood Village of OC Senior Living was transformed into a gallery. Quite a few of the pieces displayed ribbons – proudly stating  Best in Show and more !- that were garnered at this past summer’s County Fair. Many good times were had at the opening -by the artists themselves and visitors alike – as they viewed the exhibit, or relaxed with refreshments in the Healing Garden.


From the Alzheimer’s Association

A group from The Village at Gordon House made a visit to The Arts Center’s Morin Gallery  to view the VA H2O exhibit with the Alzheimer’s Association Arts Fusion Program. Future visits, by Gordon House and others are being planned! Contact information is provided above.


Plein Air Privy Painting

It was a long and very hot July and August 🙂 but this great group of devoted artists from the Boys &  Girls Club of Orange worked hard through the summer elements while learning  the logistics, from priming to completion, of painting this garden shed . Built by the Orange County High School’s  Future Farmers of America out of the old bleachers from OCHS, the shed, in the shape of a privy, was one among  4 others that were painted by area artists for an Outreach fundraiser. Side by side with Outreach artists, Wendy Wiebe and A. M. DeMio Dowen, the team of Club members worked on a study of combined works by artist Thomas Hart Benton.  The privy’s were auctioned off at the Edible Fest, held in Orange this past August, and a huge and heartfelt thank you goes to the privy makers, sponsors, purchasers, artists (including the BGC team!) movers, and volunteers  – and to all who support both the Boys & Girls Club of  Orange and the Outreach Program – we couldn’t do it without you!!!


Oil Pastel Exploration at The Village at Gordon House

 During  a recent  art visit, which Outreach makes at  The Village at Gordon House on a monthly basis, these talented seniors explored a form of drawing . Using rich and vibrantly hued oil pastels on black  pebbly-textured paper – along with various imagery from magazines acting as inspiration – each artist  interpreted nature at its finest.


Black, White and Blue

The weekly summer visits to The Arts Center have been a summer tradition for Outreach and the Boys & Girls Club of Orange for 10 years. Among many art explorations, a study in black & white, which led spontaneously to a Pablo Picasso study backed in blue, was  a memorable one.


Dogwood Village of Orange Senior Living Art Adventures through Outreach and the Future Farmers of America  from Orange County High School 


Beautiful wooden cache boxes,  created by members of Orange County High School’s Future Farmer’s of America – with the residents of Dogwood Village of Orange County Senior Living expressly in mind –  were painted and decorated during  Outreach Art Adventure classes. These classes are held twice monthly at Dogwood Village SL, and have been a mainstay of the Outreach program since 2002.


Muscle Cars and Butterflies


Summer is full of fun – and art exploration through the Outreach Program was  part of it all during Boys Night and Girls Night at the Boys & Girls Club of Orange. Cool, hot muscle cars and bright, beautifully patterned butterflies were the theme for each group, respectively.


Cutting Boards created for Outreach and Boys & Girls Club Annual Fundraiser


Working with artist Christina Boy, B & G Club members designed their own cutting boards, from start to finish.  Beautiful bands of white oak, cherry, ash or black walnut were selected and arranged in a design that pleased each individual artist. These pieces were then glued together, dried and sanded – and, finally, oiled and polished to perfection – a multi-stepped process! The cutting boards were part of the artwork  sold during the annual Art Inspirations fundraiser that supports both the Boys & Girls Club of Orange and the AC Outreach Program. It was held this summer at The Edible Fest,  right here in Orange, VA. Thank you to all who helped support both of our fine programs!


Father’s Day tiles created by Orange Elementary School First Graders:

As a yearly tradition, Outreach visits Orange Elementary School and works with each of its first grade students on a tile project. This year’s project was a piece for Father’s Day. The students used various colored glazes to create their own seascape. The tiles were then fired at the Arts Center, and returned to each student in time to give as a gift!


Outreach at Lightfoot Elementary School: Printmaking was just one of the art mediums that Outreach introduced to students from Lightfoot Elementary School during their After School Enrichment Program.


Bridges Visits The Arts Center: After viewing the Young Visions 2012 exhibit in the Morin Gallery, club members from Bridges painted sunflowers in the classroom studio at The Arts Center.


Head Start and Early Head Start of Orange Art Exhibit 2012: Self-Portrait by Derek Fernandez Art Exhibit: Featuring the artwork of Orange County Head Start & Early Head Start as part of The Arts Center in Orange Community Outreach Program. Tuesday, May 1st through Friday, May 4th – with a reception on Tuesday May 1, 2012, from 5:00-6:00 PM at the Taylor EA Complex. Reception catered by The Culinary Arts Program from OCHS.


Masks by Dogwood Village Senior Living at the General Assembly Building in Richmond:

Up Close View

Up Close View

 The Art Adventure group from Dogwood Village of Orange County Senior Living is once again a part of the annual art exhibit that is now hanging at the General Assembly Building, in Richmond, for the 2012 regular session. This year’s entries are papier mache masks, which the seniors at Dogwood Village SL tackled with their usual creative zeal! From start from finish, each artist designed their own unique and splendid piece.


Cityscape Mural painted by The Boys & Girls Club of Orange for their teen room:

Close up of Cityscape Mural created by BG Club of OrangeUp Close ViewUp Close ViewPapier Mache Masks by Dogwood Village of Orange County Senior Living

Boys and Girls Club of Orange Members with Cityscape Mural

Over the late autumn and early winter months, the Boys and Girls Club of Orange gathered at The Arts Center to design, block out and paint a fabulous cityscape that will hang in the Teen Room at the Clubhouse. The mural was designed to hang from either point of view. Note the deliberate differences between each viewpoint.


Printmaker Fred Nichols

works with Leah Hall from the Boys & Girls Club of Orange  

Artist Frederick Nichols, of Barboursville kindly donated time and set up shop for Outreach at The Arts Center in Orange. Pictured above is Nichols, whose work is internationally collected, with Boys and Girls Club members Leah Call and Josh Barnes (and a bit of Dykeem Cervantes!!). Nichols worked with several members of the Boys and Girls Club of Orange, helping them throughout the silk screening process. Leah Call’s final print, Bird, is pictured above. Orange County’s Emmet Aylor raises funds for the AC’s Outreach Program: Thirteen year-old Emmet Aylor – a welcome sight at the yearly OC event, the Somerset Steam & Gas Show – sets up a booth and raises funds for a different organization each year. He has been doing this for the past six years. This year, between Emmet’s smile and the homemade baked goods that he sells, he raised $300 dollars! The Outreach Program is truly honored to be the recipient of this year’s hard, selfless work. Deepest thanks, Emmet!


Birdhouses exhibited at the General Assembly Building in Richmond, VA

Birdhouses exhibited at the General Assembly Building in Richmond, VA

Orange County HS Future Farmers of America donated these finely constructed birdhouses for the Dogwood Village of OC – Senior Living Art Adventure artists to paint. Thank you teachers Will Likins and Andrew McWilliams, and all of the FFA student body! And to C.R. Butler for the donation of vibrant paints. The birdhouses were part of the annual art exhibit held during the January 2011 regular legislation session in Richmond.


Summer Sessions in the classroom studio with The Boys & Girls Club of Orange:

The Universe holds no boundaries….

The Universe holds no boundaries…. Boys and Club of Orange artists use various forms of printmaking techniques – some traditional, some completely off the cuff – while creating their own vision of worlds beyond our own.


Dogwood Village of OC – Senior Living Annual Exhibit:

Dogwood Village of OC – Senior Living Annual Exhibit

The art was fantastic, the ambiance and food wonderful, and the artists were in high form. Family, friends and community members gathered to view the past year’s work, to celebrate with the seniors that comprise the Art Adventures group, founded way back in 2001 by Linda Marston-Reid and June Dunaway.


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In the Morin Gallery at The Arts Center In Orange

129 East Main Street, Orange, VA, (540) 672-7311
Hours: 10am-5pm, Monday-Saturday
Exhibits are offered free to the public thanks to the support of the Virginia Commission for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, our community sponsors and people like you.
The Paintings of Rose Mary Walls
Exhibit dates: June 6–July 28 , 2018*
Opening reception: 5–7pm on Wednesday, June 6
If you’ve visited the Orange Senior Center, you may have met Rose Mary Walls. That’s where Arts Center volunteer Judy Peterson met her. Rose Mary shared a tiny album containing photos of her paintings, as well as stories to accompany the paintings, and Judy was charmed.

If you’ve read The Glass Castle or Half Broke Horses by New York Times best-selling author Jeanette Walls, or seen the 2017 film The Glass Castle starring Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts, you will also be familiar with Rose Mary Walls, and you may have glimpsed some of her paintings.

Born in 1934, Rose Mary Smith grew up on the 100,000 acre cattle ranch managed by her father outside Ash Fork, in Arizona’s plateau country. Attending boarding school in Prescott, she dreamed of becoming an artist. At her mother’s insistence, she pursued a teaching degree instead, but never gave up her dream. At 21, she met and married charismatic dreamer Rex Walls, They, and their four children, lived a nomadic desert life until finances forced them to back to Rex’s family home in Welch, West Virginia. Rex and Rose Mary eventually followed daughter Jeanette to New York City, squatting in abandoned properties until Rex died in 1994.

Rose Mary now lives in a lovely white shingled cottage on daughter Jeanette’s Orange County farm, attends the Orange Senior Center on Mondays, and still paints!

In the Morin Gallery at The Arts Center In Orange
129 East Main Street, Orange, VA, Hours: 10–5, Mon–Sat

* The Arts Center will be closed for the holiday, July 2-7.

YOUNG VISIONS 2018: The Art of Orange County’s School ChildrenExhibit dates: May 10–31, 2018Opening reception: 5–7pm on Thursday, May 10*The Arts Center In Orange will feature the work of students from Orange County’s public schools, Grymes Memorial School, and Head Start in the Arts Center’s Morin Gallery and classroom. All artists, along with their families and friends, are encouraged to attend this wonderful celebration!*See more work by Orange County High School students at the concurrent “Area High Schools Student Art Show” in the Walker Fine Arts Center at Woodberry Forest School.

Cover artists (left to right): Faith Gibson, OCHS; Skylar Ruggeri, LGMS; Alli Jessup, LGES; Jada Rogers, GBES.

Voices in Color:
The North Windsor Artists
Exhibit dates: March 8–April 28, 2018
Opening reception: Thursday, March 8, 5–7pm
A group of seven isolated artists in King George County, Virginia, began working together during the late 1960s. By 2000, there were 12 at their retrospective showing in Fredericksburg, Virginia, at the Eyeclops Gallery. From their early meetings at North Windsor, home of Jack Darling, they have been involved in many art activities, studies, exhibits and travel. Major exhibits of their work have included St. Paul’s Church in Richmond, Gary Melcher’s Belmont Studio in Stafford Country, Virginia, and Mary Washington College and Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center in Fredericksburg. In 1992, the NWA were responsible for opening the first cooperative gallery, which is still a popular art gallery in Fredericksburg.
Major feature articles have appeared in The American Arts Magazine, 1988, the Free Lance Star, 1994, and The Richmond Times Dispatch, 1995. Travels and exhibits in the US, Europe, and the Caribbean were part of their experience in advancing their artistic creativity. A Certificate of Recognition by the Governor of Virginia Commonwealth for the King George County Mentorship Program was awarded to them in 1988. Now, in 2018, the NWA are still working and exhibiting. Some early members are gone, and new ones have been invited to be part of the North Windsor Artists, but the goal of stepping up the art ladder of understanding and creating remains the same.
The exhibit includes work by: Carrol Morgan, Anita Holle, Helen Butler, Maggie Bice, Paula Raudenbush, Joan Critz LimbrickJane Woodworth, Robyn Ryan, Dee McClesky, Elsie Hagenlocker, and Sharon Ross.
Traditions & Transformation: Gourd Instruments Through Time
An intimate exploration of gourd instruments from cultures around the world, and their influence on the sculpting work of Dena Jennings, a luthier and builder of gourd instruments.
Exhibit dates: February 1–28, 2018
Opening reception: Thursday, February 1, 5–7pm
Performance by Dena Jennings, Greg Adams, and friends: Sunday, February 11, 3–5pm.
The gourd grows in a field from a five-pointed flower into a green solid inedible fruit. Foraging animals have no use for it. Yet people around the world have found ways to use hollowed gourds. They become dippers, bowls, cups, baskets, and sonorous instruments that sing the songs of life—as drums in Hawaii, marimbas in Mali, bowed lutes in the Middle East, and harps in Ethiopia. The akonting of West Africa gave rise to the banjo in the Caribbean and North America. Gourds shout and we dance. Gourds speak and we howl. When gourds tell a story, we listen and pass the message along in song.
Griffin & Velasco
Paintings by Steve Griffin and Diane Velasco
Exhibit dates: December 7, 2017-January 27, 2018
Opening reception: Thursday, December 7, 5-7pm
Steve Griffin has been a painter for over fifty years. In 1968 he was one of twelve undergraduate students, selected from a national pool, to attend the first year of the newly created Independent Study Program at the Whitney Museum in New York. Since retiring from teaching in the Art Department at the University of Mary Washington in 2008, Steve has continued to work in his studio. He recently received a 2011-2012 professional fellowship in painting from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and a 2012-2013 fellowship in painting from the Virginia Commission for the Arts. Steve has also been awarded three residency fellowships at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. His work hangs in many private and corporate collections and is represented by several galleries including the Glave Kocen Gallery in Richmond and Long View Gallery in Washington, DC. 
“Over the years I have gradually drifted far from my early photo-realist style of painting. My most recent “Strata” series began in 2007. The basic horizontal stripe compositions in these paintings were initially inspired by landscapes but the end result more closely resembles a cross-section of earth or the strata found in rocks. The painting process itself is similar to an archeological dig. I apply multiple layers of paint which are eventually sanded and scraped to reveal previously forgotten colors and textures. This method of painting retains an element of chance in an otherwise very structured format.” – Steve Griffin 
Diane Velasco received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute and studied in Florence, Italy. She has received awards from the Hazleton Art League statewide competition in Pennsylvania, Pastel Journal magazine’s prestigious Pastel 100 Competition and was featured in the magazine’s 2006 April issue. More recently, she placed first and third place in the Charlottesville-Albemarle Art Association’s annual juried shows. Diane has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, and fine artist throughout her career and currently lives and paints in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia.“The December/January show at The Morin Gallery brings together a medley of color, shape and composition that play off of the abstract as well as the representational. The tones and hues come together to create a harmonious display. I am very excited to share my landscapes and to be a part of this visual feast throughout the holidays.” —Diane Velasco 
Platinum-Palladium Photography by Ellen Martin
& Altered Paper by Martha Olson
Exhibit Dates: October 5-November 30, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 5, 5-7pm
Ellen Martin and Martha Olson first crossed paths at the Rockbridge Arts Guild, Art on the Green, in Lexington, VA, in 2009. Ellen, a Lexington photographer, was busy with the operation and organization of the event, yet still managed to photograph the day’s activities for the local press, including Martha who was an honored winner. Martha, a Blacksburg, VA, artist, was a first-time exhibitor in Lexington and felt a little out of her element.
Unbeknownst to Martha, it was Ellen’s husband, Larry, who made several stops by her booth admiring her work. This seemed curious to Martha and her husband, Thomas. Eventually Larry and Ellen (mystery solved) came to Martha’s booth together and purchased one of Martha’s art pieces. Who would have guessed that this one brief encounter would lead to their paths crossing for exhibitions many times during the next eight years?Ellen Martin has operated a photo studio in Lexington, VA, for 20 years. Her first love remains the production of fine art black-and-white photographs using traditional or alternative processes. “The images I print have special meaning for me.” Ellen will exhibit platinum-palladium photos where chemistry has been hand-applied with a brush, making each print unique. More about Ellen Martin at:
Martha Olson’s work begins with recycling glossy magazine pages that she alters by crumpling, tearing, cutting, and applying a releasing agent to dissolve the ink. Each page produces a one-of-a-kind image and color palette. By combining and layering the images, colors, and movement, her creations invite the viewer to take a closer look where they will discover and experience hidden images and find personal interpretations. More about Martha Olson at: http://www.marthaolsonart.blogspot.comMartha Olson will be offering a Mirror Collage Workshop in December. Check out the class schedule to learn more.
Watercolors by Carol Pursell Baliles
Exhibit Dates: August 3–September 30, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 3, 5–7pm
Culpeper artist Carol Baliles has traveled, studied, exhibited, and won awards around the world. Her work has been shown in more than 60 fine art exhibitions and has been selected and recognized by notables affiliated with the Corcoran, The Phillips Collection, the Hirshhorn, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; ARTnews and Art in America magazines; and the National Watercolor Society, as well as being included in collections at the White House, the Virginia Governor’s Mansion, the US State Department, and many corporate and private collections. Carol is also a former studio artist and assistant art director with the renowned Torpedo Factory Art Center.In the autumn of her years, Carol would like to share her artist’s interpretation of the spiritual experiences she has gleaned from her world travels, and her wish for Love & Peace for the World.
A Multimedia Exhibit by the artists of Central Virginia’s BozArt Fine Art Collective
Curated by Kathy Kuhlmann & Madeleine Watkins.
Exhibit dates: June 8 – July 29, 2017
Opening reception: 5-7pm on Thursday, June 8
Including work by artists:
Randy Baskerville
Richard Bednar
Terry Coffey
Matalie Deane
Judi Ely
Frank Feigert
Anne deLatour Hopper
Funded in part by:
Julia Kindred
Kathy Kuhlmann
Craig Lineburger
Caroll Mallin
Carol Kirkham Martin
Madeleine Watkins
Young Visions 2017
The Art of Orange County’s School Children
Exhibit dates: May 4-31, 2017
Opening reception: 5-7pm on Thursday, May 4
The Arts Center In Orange will feature the work of students from Orange County’s public schools, Grymes Memorial School, and Head Start in the Arts Center’s Morin Gallery and classroom. All artists, their families, and friends are encouraged to attend this wonderful celebration!
Above (left to right, top to bottom): Nia Dowling, GMS, 7th grade; Zoe Hix, LGES, 5th grade; Robert Kauffman, OES, 1st grade; Jackie Adams, LGPS, 2nd grade; Olivia Knight, LGMS, 7th grade; Alex Ramos, OCHS, 12th grade.
Virginia National Bank and the Light Well Restaurant will host concurrent satellite exhibits of work by artists Susan Garnett and Morgan Molenda.
Paintings and Prints by Janly Jaggard and Patricia Piorkowski Hobbs
Exhibit dates: March 2 – April 29, 2017
Opening reception: 5-7pm on Thursday, March 2
Above: Janly Jaggard, “Draw the Line” (detail) 2016 oil on canvas 20”x30”
Patricia Piorkowski Hobbs , “Shadow” color monotype 2016 7 7/8”x5 3/8”
Virginia National Bank and the Light Well Restaurant will host concurrent satellite exhibits of work by artists James Erickson and Judy Quaely.
Vietnam Combat Art
The Morin Gallery will host “Vietnam Combat Art,” a unique traveling exhibit depicting artists’ impressions of the Vietnam War, and a tribute to those who served.
The 39 artworks in oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, pencil, ink and crayon were created by professional artists on the ground in Vietnam during the 1960s.  The original pieces are housed at the US Army Center of Military History in Washington DC, and have never been on display anywhere in the United States.  But special permission was given to reproduce these pieces, making them available for public viewing. The exhibit is on loan from the City of Roanoke and the Vietnam Commemorative Partners: County of Roanoke, Salem, Town of Vinton and the Stonewall Jackson Chapter/AUSA under special agreement with the US Army Center of Military History.
Exhibit dates: February 2 – 25, 2017
Opening reception: 5-7pm on Thursday, February 2
Virginia National Bank and the Light Well Restaurant will host concurrent satellite exhibits of work by artists Kathleen Craig and Judy Quaely.
From a Car Window
Pastel landscape paintings by Susan Zytka ForbushPastel artist Susan Zytka Forbush was trained in both fine art and animation. She received her BFA in painting from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and also earned a three-year certificate for cartoon animation from the International Summer Program at Sheridan College, in Ontario, Canada. An animation artist for 15 years in Los Angeles, California, Susan has film credits on The Little Mermaid (several cells to be included in the exhibit), The Rescuers Down Under, FernGully and The Prince of Egypt. She also worked on television commercials and prime-time programs. After living in Southern California for 29 years, she and husband Brad Forbush, also an artist, are slowing things down. Drawn by Orange County’s history and landscape, the couple has made a new home in Gordonsville. While Brad dusts off his ancestor William Henry Forbush’s time spent in Virginia with the 13th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, Susan is getting to know the area from her car window by traveling roads, capturing views with her camera, and returning to her Main Street studio in Orange to paint in pastel. Locals will enjoy seeing OC from a newcomer’s perspective, recognize many of the locations, and be reminded of how lucky we are to live amid such beauty.
Exhibit dates: December 8, 2016 – January 28, 2017
Opening reception: 5-7pm, Thursday, December 8
Virginia National Bank and the Light Well Restaurant will host concurrent satellite exhibits of more work in pastel by artists Maggie Bice, Kathleen Willingham and Jan Settle
EQUUS IV: For the Love of Horses 
An exhibit on the theme of horses and the people who love them, juried by artist Debby Thomas, and includes paintings, photos, drawings, and leather work by artits: Wilma BradnerSharon Lynn CampbellCathy Choyce, Daisy Collins, John CorraoJ DouglasDeb ElaineJudith Ely, Willa FrayserCabell GormanClinton HelmsLindsey HenryElaine HurstCarol Iglesias, Kathy Kuhlman, Sue LinthicumEleszabeth McNeelLinda NedinskyLee Nixon, Jeff Poole, Janie ShraderMartha StrawtherEddie ThielJulia Travers.  
Also included: Equestrian sculpture by artists Herbert Hazeltine and William Turner from the collection of Phil & Susie Audibert, Marion Maggiolo’s collection of 20th-century horse-themed covers from The New Yorker magazine, and the unveiling of this year’s Montpelier Hunt Race poster art by Sam Robinson, which will be on display in the gallery throughout October.
Exhibit Dates: October 6 – November 30, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 6, 5-7pm
Sponsored by:
The public is also invited to visit concurrent satellite exhibits at Virginia National Bank and the Light Well Restaurant on Main Street in Orange to enjoy work by equestrian artists Debby Thomas and Martha Strawther.
BOOKISH – A multimedia exhibit inspired by books, including altered books, hand-made books, artist journals, paintings, photography, fabric art, jewelry, and woodwork by Virginia artists:  Todd Brown, Barbara Collins, Jenny Davis, Daisy Collins, Ginger Donelson, Deborah Elaine, Michael Fincham, Susan Garnett, Susan Krieg, Glennis Mairs, Marty Moon, Maria Pace, Jeff Poole, Rebecca Quinn, Anna Sawyer*, John Shumate, Julia Travers, and Kathleen Willingham.
*Book Lovers Mark Your Calendars to hear a talk by Anna Sawyer, bookbinder and proprietor of South Winds Bindery on Friday, September 9th, 4-5pm in The Morin Gallery at The Arts Center In Orange.  The event is free and attendees are encouraged to bring heirloom books for discussion. Learn more about Anna at:
And, because summer at the Arts Center In Orange means ART Camps for Kids, we’ve set aside a corner of the gallery for ART CAMPERS SHOWING OFF!  A selection of work by this summer’s young art campers.BOOKISH & SHOWING OFF
Exhibit Dates: August 4 – September 30, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 4th, 5 – 7pm
Cover work (left to right, top to bottom): “Bonjour Tristesse” by Deb Elaine, “Hungry Caterpillar” by Michael Fincham, “XY” by Rebecca Quinn, “Self Help Books of the Future – For the Soul” by Susan Krieg, “Tree of Life” by Anna Sawyer, “The Daily Bloom” (page detail) by Kathleen Willingham, “Books that Rocked My World” by Marty Moon, “Sleep” by Julia Travers, “Friends of the Library” by Barbara Collins, “Behind the Book Blocks” by Susan Garnett.
Rail Art

Rail Art: Exhibit Dates: June 9-July 30, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 9, 5-7pm
A multimedia exhibit inspired by trains, including paintings, photography, assemblage, diorama, film and written word by Virginia artists:
Phil & Susie Audibert
David Batton
Todd Brown
Ramey Campbell
Barbara Collins
John Corrao
Brian Dunn
Rita Flyzik
Susan Garnett
Becky Grymes
Susan Harb
Clinton Helms
Sarah C. Honenberger
Carol Iglesias

Lou Messa
Andrew Morgan
Brenda Morris
Lee Nixon
Vernon Peachey
Jon Perry
Jeff Poole
Mack Rowe
Vyvyan Rundgren
Kathleen Willingham

Young Visions 2016

The Arts Center In Orange will feature a selection of work by students from Orange County’s public schools, Grymes Memorial School, and Head Start in the Arts Center’s Morin Gallery and classroom.  All artists, their families, and friends are encouraged to attend this wonderful celebration!

Exhibit dates: May 5-31, 2016

Opening reception: 5-7pm on Thursday, May 5

Cover work (left to right, top to bottom): Aaron Ratcliff, LGMS, grade 7; Tamara Sherman, OCHS, grade 11; Anycia Fortune, OES, grade 4; Avery Morris, LGES, grade 5; Rasheed Oudeh, LGPS, grade 2; David Johnson, GMS, grade 4.

In a Mediterranean Mood
As February creeps into Central VA with icy winds and short days dimly lit by mother of pearl skies the Morin Gallery at The Arts Center In Orange offers “In a Mediterranean Mood” a sun shiny, terracotta, azure blue exhibit of work by artist Laura Wooten and photographer John Bice.Laura Wooten, who has been making art since she could hold a crayon, earned an undergraduate degree in Art and Architecture at the University of Virginia and an MFA from American University in Washington, DC.  Her art is inspired by food, wine, travel, and landscapes near & far.  As co-owner of Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar in Charlottesville, her travels throughout the Mediterranean have cultivated a special passion for region. www.laurawootenstudio.comJohn Bice has been studying and pursuing photography for over 25 years. His work has won awards locally, nationally, in Canada and in Japan. Chasing light, John travels extensively capturing images in a variety of countries and locations.  His subject matter is eclectic with an emphasis on nature and a unique perspective on the normal.  www.johnbicephotography.comExhibit dates: February 4 – March 31, 2016
Opening Reception: February 4 from 5-7pm 
A multimedia exhibit including work by:  Mary Beth Bellah, John Berry, Tracy Brown, Ramey Campbell, Maria Festa Carter, John Corrao, Trish Crowe, Pam Derrickson, Kitty Dodd, Susan Garnett, Susan Harb, Clinton Helms, Ed King, Susan Krieg, Sue Linthicum, Jessie Meehan, Lou Messa, Brenda Morris, Lee J. Nixon, Jr., Larry Patterson, John Perry, Chee Kludt Ricketts, Mack Rowe, Susan Stover, Martha Hall Strawther, Tom Tartaglino, Patricia Temples, Gail Trimmer-Unterman, Tina Wade, Nancy Wallace, Kathleen Willingham, Richard F. Wyvill, Richard Young and Sharon Zarambo
Exhibit Dates: December 3, 2015 – January 30, 2016 
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 3, 5-7pm
In the Morin Gallery at The Arts Center In Orange,  and Main Street Orange satellite exhibits at The Light Well Restaurant, 110 E Main;  Virginia National Bank, 102 E Main; and special MOO exhibits of work by artist Ben Waddem at Objects On Main, 107 E Main and work by Nancy Bass at the Frederick Nichols Gallery Annex, 5420 Governor Barbour Street in Barboursville.
Akemi Ohira For the Record
Exhibit dates: October 8 – November 28, 2015
Opening Reception: October 8th from 5-7pm
Akemi Ohira is an Associate Professor of Studio Art at the University of Virginia. She received her B.F.A. from Cornell University, and her M.F.A. from Carnegie Mellon University. She joined the faculty of the McIntire Department of Art in the fall of 1993, and has since regularly taught introductory, intermediate and advanced printmaking, as well as directed projects for the Distinguished Majors Program. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the U.S., as well as in Japan.
“In my work, I try to engage the viewer directly, with the hope that they will disregard what they already know, in light of what they see and how they react to it. The titles I provide to individual pieces are meant as a provocation for expanding the visual expectation of the audience. I deconstruct and reconstruct forms, so the viewer can analyze the pieces presented in front of them as a new “idea”, thus encouraging them to deny the obvious. I invite my audience to decide the meaning of the piece by tapping into their own memories and experiences.”   Visit the artist’s website at:
Take me to the Rapidan
Exhibit Dates: August 6 – September 30, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 6, 5-7pm
 Originally named the Rapid Ann River (a combination of the word “rapids” and a homage to Queen Anne of England), the Rapidan River flows 88 miles, from its headwaters at Rapidan Camp, Herbert Hoover’s presidential retreat in Shenandoah National Park to converge with the Rappahannock just west of Fredericksburg. During the Civil War, with Union and Confederate troops camped on either side, the river’s banks were the scene of severe fighting, and for many enslaved African Americans, the path to freedom. Today, the Rapidan ranks 38th in Trout Unlimited’s Guide to America’s 100 Best Trout Streams.
Sponsored by the Rapidan Foundation and juried by Clive Pates & Virginia Rood Pates, Take me to the RAPIDAN! is a multimedia exhibit celebrating the Rapidan River and includes work by: Ashe Laughlin, B. Berne Smith, Barbara M. Collins, Claudia Wisdom Good, Linda Goodling, Kathleen Willingham, Krissy Lavin, Larry Patterson, Laura Rosenthal, Lee J. Nixon, Jr., Lou Messa, Nancy Mottley, Pam Derrickson, Pat Temples, Phil & Susie Audibert, Ramey Campbell, Richard Young, Stephanie Mendlow, Susan Garnett, Tom Tartaglino, Trish Crowe, Virginia Pates.

Cover Artists: (top to bottom, left to right) Tom Tartaglino, Stephanie Mendlow, Richard Young, Susan Garnett, Trish Crowe and Pat Temples.


Beginning with an opening reception on Thursday, June 4 from 5-7pm and continuing through July 31, the Morin Gallery at The Arts Center In Orange will exhibit the works of Huntly, Virginia artist Nol Putnam, master blacksmith and sculptor in iron, steel, copper and brass.  With over 40 years’ experience, his work is often site-specific, and always one of a kind.  His most public work is found in the Washington National Cathedral, where he designed and created the three gates for the columbarium.   More at:
Cover art:  “Japanese Maple Leaf Writ Large,” 25x22x25, mild steel & wrought iron, 2013 and “Atlas Shrugged,” 28x12x10, mild steel & paint, 2013 
Young Visions 2015 Cover
The Morin Gallery will feature the work of students from Orange County’s public schools K-12.  Self-portraits by Head Start students will be on exhibit in the Arts Center’s classroom, and work by Grymes Memorial School students will hang in a satellite exhibit at Virginia National Bank (102 East Main Street). All artists, their families, and friends are encouraged to attend this wonderful celebration!Exhibit Dates: May 7 – 30, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 7, 5-7pm
Cover work (left to right)  Above: Brandon Minchin, grade 2, LGPS – Liv LaPanta, grade 4, OES – David Fallows, grade 6, LGMS,  Below:  Kyle Irby, grade 8, GMS – Sarah Butts, grade 12, OCHS – Lesley Tellez-Martinez, grade 3, GBESYoung Visions is sponsored by Virginia National Bank
WICKED cover
Opening Reception: Friday, April 3, 5-7pm
Exhibit Dates:  April 3 – 12, 2015
A Traveling Exhibit of 114 Art Quilts – The strong visual impact of this exhibit is due to the limited color palette (lime and black), and interesting theme (WICKED). Some entrants were influenced by the Broadway hit musical, some by the Wizard of Oz, and some are personal interpretations of the word “wicked”. The quilts are made entirely from 100% hand dyed suede-look cotton from Cherrywood Fabrics, excluding embellishments. Select quilts were displayed at The Gershwin Theater in NYC – home of “WICKED™”.  Learn more about the exhibit at:
Natural Transitions
Opening Reception:  Thursday, February 5 from 5-7pm
Exhibit Dates:  February 5 – March 28, 2015 
Natural Transitions 
by Maggie Bice & Anna Marie DeMio Dowen 
A new show of acrylic and pastel paintings celebrating the art of two women who happen to be long-time friends.  Maggie Bice and Anna Marie DeMio Dowen first met twenty-four years ago, and have forged over time a full appreciation, support and exploration of the complexities of artistic development, along with their own personal artistic endeavors.  Many works of art have been created over the years, with recent pieces in this upcoming exhibit representing the natural flow of time, and the commitment to art that has run through, and enriched, each of their lives.  The pieces to be exhibited are landscapes, nature studies and figurative work interpreting the passage of time in captured moments. 
Pictured work: 
(left) Maggie Bice, “Left Behind,” oil pastel
(right) Anna Marie DeMio Dowen, “Pine Line,” acrylic on canvas

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